Conductor Heads
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Conductor heads, also known as Leader Heads, Leader Boxes, Collectors, Collector Heads, Conductor Boxes, Catch Basins, Bells, Scupper Heads, and Scupper Boxes.

Conductor heads enhance the beauty and architectural style on a building. They are traditionally installed under the soffit. Besides being ornamental, conductor heads also perform a number of functions. By letting air into the line it helps water drain faster and with less noise; allows the combination of several downspouts into one larger one; acts as a clean out point for debris and also acts as an overflow point for water.

Most models of conductor heads are made to order and have a two week lead time. Custom designs are also welcome.

Krupp Conductor Head


Charleston Conductor Head


Hamor Conductor Head


Lancut Conductor Head


Kent Conductor Head


Grisham Conductor Head


EJM Standard Conductor Head


Wolford Conductor Head


Paris Conductor Head


Crete Conductor Head


Bratislava Conductor Head


Halsey Conductor Head


Bermuda Conductor Head


Crest Conductor Head


Vienna Conductor Head


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